Are VW Campervans a good investment?

If someone was to tell you that they were looking to make a sound investment your immediate reaction probably wouldn’t be to advise them to rush out and buy a Volkswagen Campervan. Would it surprise you to learn that an increasing number of people are purchasing Campers for this very reason? While this might seem to be an unconventional approach to navigating the pitfalls of current economic uncertainty, the reasoning is very sound indeed. If you are looking for a more interesting way of making your money work for you, if are sceptical of pension solutions and bored of ISA’s read on! Over time, it is usually only debts that appreciate in value. Not so!

It has to be said that that Campers are more than just a form of transport and somewhere to sleep. They are a thing of joy and beauty. Who wouldn’t want to own such an iconic vehicle that is a definitive design classic? There is so much more to the VW Campervan. Owners buy into an entire lifestyle and image of freedom to roam and explore the world around us.

The reason that this classic vehicle is such a wise purchase is the fact that its cult status ensures ongoing mass appeal. It has never and will never fall out of fashion. VW Campers only increase in value. As long as they receive the care and attention that they deserve they can, in theory, keep running forever! Investment returns are not always financial. Pleasure, enjoyment, satisfaction and the feeling of well-being cannot be measured or accurately assessed.

So, not only do you have an investment that will appreciate in value, but opportunities for adventure, fun and frolics abound. Do not be mis-lead into thinking that a VW Campervan is just for the young. They are basically for the ‘young at heart’ be you 9 or 90. Having disposable income once again, free time and no children to consider is a novelty, but one to be relished. Investing in a Camper Van means trips to the continent, camping, festivals and all those Campervan meets. In fact, all the things you haven’t really been able to do for the last 25 years. Realise your dream.

There is the added bonus that the Campervan can be handed down to younger generations as an inheritance, ensuring ‘camperholics’ continue to thrive.

For many owning a Campervan gives a sense of security, of returning to a simpler time before they had the responsibilities of adulthood. People don the rose tinted nostalgia specs and start reliving their carefree youth. Festivals aren’t just for the young! Now the kids have left home you can do it in style in a Camper.

The realisation dawns on many that it is now time to indulge themselves. The old expression ‘youth is wasted on the young’ is particularly pertinent here. In fact, most young people find themselves priced out of the Campervan market altogether. Unless they land that dream job, have wealthy and extremely generous parents or are prepared to burden themselves with some serious debt they will just have to wait to realise the dream! Unless a particularly enlightened relative thought to invest their money wisely and bequeath a Campervan to them that is.

Increasingly people are investing in classic cars. Campervans are deservedly popular for this reason. Investing in this way has the added advantage of allowing a person to actually enjoy the fruits of their labour while they get to have fun with their investment. After all, you don’t see any pension solution meet ups do you? Those who invest in a Campervan not only get a treasure to lovingly polish, but they also get the privilege of owning an icon vehicle which can transport them to a holiday destination, meet up or festival at the drop of a hat!

Owning a VW Campervan does come with a certain degree of responsibility. These are classics and require love, time and of course maintenance. But this is all part of the experience of being an owner and it is something to be enjoyed. Once you invest in a Campervan you will begin to realise that nurturing and caring for your van is half of the pleasure. Your investment pays its dividends in many diverse ways.

Current television advertising is reminding us of wonderful places to be visited in Britain. How better to see them than in your own VW Campervan?