Camper Mart 2017

It may be the sixth year of Camper Mart but it is the first for VanWurks and we cannot wait! The show is on Sunday 29th January, 10am to 4pm, and is packed with traders, display vehicles and plenty of family based entertainment to give the younger ones (and older ones!) a break from shopping. The ‘Bus Doctors’ will be … Read More

VanWurks take a trip to Rusty Kampers

We have supplied Rusty Kampers with interiors for a while now but we’ve never met Matt and his team in person, so on a cold, snowy day in January we headed off to Kent. With the van loaded with an interior for one of Matt’s customers and an empty trailer we set off. Not having towed a trailer before, Nick … Read More

Dubfreeze 2010-2014

Dubfreeze 2014

VanWurks have been a regular trader at Dubfreeze for a number of years now and we love it. You cannot beat the excitement of getting your VW out of it’s cosy garage to brave the elements and head to Bingley Hall in Stafford. Attending the show has not come without it’s dramas, (snow and blown up engines) but we are … Read More

VanWurks heads to Camper Jam 2014

Camper Jam 2014

It was touch and go to whether we would make it to Camper Jam 2014. With no demostration vehicle as it was having a makeover and our gipsy with a leaking roof on a weekend where rain was forcast! We did make it (arriving later than planned as usual) and thanks to James bringing Alfie, we got set up ready … Read More

How we came to own a 1972 Ex-Ambulance

t2 ambulance

I never really wanted a campervan but my wife was very keen on the idea. I thought they were a bit grubby looking and as I’d never been in one, or even knew someone who owned one, I thought they were for other people, not me. A bit like caravans. Then my daughter and I were walking the dog when … Read More

The explosion of the VW Campervan scene

There are many makes of campervan but none more iconic and instantly recognisable than the Volkswagen Camper. Possibly the coolest vehicle to own of all time, the VW Campervan still holds its appeal after more than sixty years. We have to thank the genius and foresight of Westfalia for the introduction to the world of the VW Campervan. Who would … Read More

Are VW Campervans a good investment?

If someone was to tell you that they were looking to make a sound investment your immediate reaction probably wouldn’t be to advise them to rush out and buy a Volkswagen Campervan. Would it surprise you to learn that an increasing number of people are purchasing Campers for this very reason? While this might seem to be an unconventional approach … Read More

Lottery Winners VW Camper Project

‘Bluebell’ – Our Lottery Camper Project by Simon Few When we first met, my wife Debs had a stainless steel VW Bay window clock hanging in her house because she loved VW campers and I had dreamt of owning a VW Camper since a friend of mine had one for Scuba diving weekends in Scotland back in the 90’s. Debs … Read More