Vanwurks 12/240V Mini 6 Litre Water Heater with Mixer Valve


The Vanwurks 12/240V mini 6 litre water heater is ideal for any small VW Camper, motorhome, caravan, narrow boat or beach hut. It runs off 12v/240volts and has a thermostatic mixer valve is fitted as standard for the safety of those on board and also increases the volume of water available.

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Vanwurks water heaters are made of the finest quality materials, which guarantee the ultimate performance and reliability.
Using the water heater on 12v;
Hot water is produced when driving the vehicle from the 12-volt leisure/vehicle battery system. It can be used when the vehicle is stationary in order to top up the heat as water is used. However it should not be left on or used for longer than 30 minutes without recharging the leisure battery as the current draw is approximately 25 amps.
Using the water heater on 240v;
When you arrive at your destination, simply connect the heater to your 240v hook up system for continuous on board hot water.
The boiler is made of 100% copper; this gives both performance and health benefits. Copper has excellent anti-bacterial qualities. On test, after seven days of immersion in water, 80% of stainless steel and plastics were coated in a bio film, while copper showed little to no bio film. Bio films are harbingers of E-coli 0157 and other micro biological organisms and pose a significant threat to human health.
Vanwurks water heater are completely assembled ready for quick and easy installation. Every heater is individually bench tested ensuring quality and reliability every time.

6 Litre capacity
240v & 12v
240v, 500w immersion heater (Recovery time approx 45mins)
12v, 300w immersion with a draw of 25amps
Thermostatic mixer valve
4 bar pressure release valve
Non return valve
Stainless steel saddle clamps
One way drain/relief valve
15mm speed fit connections allowing 15mm push fit plastic plumbing to be connected


Approximate Water Heater Dimensions:

440mm long, 250mm high x 245mm wide.

Weight = 8kg