PMS Electrical Distribution Unit (Power Management System)


The PMS electrical distribution unit is a mains and 12V DC power control unit, providing all the necessary features for the control of the electrics in your camper  The Power Management System 3 is designed to work with a battery in circuit, for optimum performance, we recommend a good quality leisure battery. Supplied with full installation and user instructions. Please Note: It is strongly recommended that the refrigerator is wired to operate only while the engine is running. The use of a relay such as Zig RM12 is recommended. Can be installed to any Volkswagen camper van.

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(Mains 230V): Earth leakage protection, over current protection, reverse polarity indication
(13.8V DC): Fully stabilised power supply/battery charger with short circuit and over current protection
Constant current limit at 12A
4 fused outputs
Battery condition meter
Battery changeover switch
Pump isolation switch
1 x 10A MCB for sockets
1 x 6A MCB for lighting and 1 x 6A MCB for fridge/charger (as a guide).
Dimensions (mm): Panel 285 x 153
Aperture required (mm): 260 x 125
Min. depth required(mm): 190