3 in 1 GasCube Gaswarner


The 3 in 1 GasCube Gaswarner is designed to warn you of an escaping gases in your camper van. Fitted permanently in your van connected using 12v, it can detect leaking propane/butane gas (LPG), carbon monoxide (CO) and gases with narcotic effect. It has a highly sensitive sensor and 80dB loud siren. If the value drops in 40 seconds, the device switches to the standby state. If the concentration remains or increases, continuous alarm takes place. This gas alarm provides reliable protection when travelling.

LED indicator: blue (flashing) = calibration, blue (steady) = all right / ready, red = alarm + continuous alarm (volume 80dB).
Power consumption in standby: 100mA
Power consumption in alarm: 180mA
Dimensions: 55.6mm x 86.7mm x 24mm

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