T25 3/4 Width Rock and Roll Bed Frame


The VanWurks T25 3/4 Width Rock and Roll frame has been designed specifically to fit a T3 / T25 with its dedicated geometry to ensure it fits correctly and lies flat.  The simple ‘rock and roll’ action, means the back seat of your camper can be converted into a fully operational bed in a matter of seconds aided by the ‘easy pull’ handles on the base frame.

The open base frame has no obstructing vertical supports beneath and therefore provides excellent under seat storage, also essential when installing a Propex heater.  Available for both right and left hand drive.  Bed boards and other optional items are also available.  The 3/4 bed is compatible with the VanWurks T25 Classic interior.  Read more below…


T25 3/4 Width Rock and Roll Bed Frame

*Brexit/Covid price increase* Due to the continuing increase in raw material and manufacturing prices over the past 12 months, we have no other option but to increase our prices. Should the situation settle and prices return to normal, we will adjust our prices accordingly.

Quality and attention to detail
VanWurks rock and roll beds are manufactured for us by a recognised ISO 9001 metal fabrication company for guaranteed consistency in quality and attention to detail.

We incorporate mitred joints ensuring no open ended tubes, which are neatly welded and dressed.  The frame is then powder coated in a high quality silver finish. The refined geometry ensures a smooth, light operation. These are some of the features that make our bed frames so popular. We cannot guarantee to be the cheapest on the market but if quality is your deciding factor then look no further.

When ordering a bed with a Vanwurks interior, a matching kick panel is provided

Specification Update:
All our bed frames now feature inverted pull handles on the base frame to improve comfort and usability. This may only be an issue if you are using loose cushions, which for safety reasons we would never recommend.

Optional items
‘Easy trim’ bed boards, foam sets, kick panels and kick panel lights are also available.

It is advisable to contact us though before ordering this item so we can confirm your exact requirements.

Please note:  T25’s/T3’s require an Engine Bay Plinth to raise the rear cushion area by approximately 100mm in height.

The T25 bed frame and brackets are designed specifically for a T25 to ensure they install correctly and lie flat in the bed position. This is a different product to the T2 version.

T3 / T25 3/4 Width Rock and Roll Bed Frame

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