Koppelo – Lift out Camper Kitchen Unit


This removable compact kitchen pod comes complete with a 2 burner gas hob,and gas box foir a Camping Gaz 907 bottle.

Study construction, yet light enough to move in and out of your van for those wanting a less perminent, flexible camper layout.

Available in a variety of finish options, this attractive compact camping unit come complete with a stainless steel splashback, and robust carrying handles.

The unit is supplied with 3 slimline clamping strips which mount to the floor of your van, keeping the unit safe and secure on the move, but allowing easy removal of the entire unit.

The Koppelo is available as a stand alone unit, or use it in conjuction with our beds and other products to build your own unique camper.

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Koppelo – Lift out camper kitchen unit T2 T25 T4 T5 T6

Additional information:

The unit is available with the hob and side table on the left hand or right hand side of the unit.

We would suggest the left hand side for LHD and right hand side for RHD to allow easy access of the gas bottle and efficient use of the pop-up side table.


Width 770mm

Height 790mm

Depth 435mm