VanWurks take a trip to Rusty Kampers

We have supplied Rusty Kampers with interiors for a while now but we’ve never met Matt and his team in person, so on a cold, snowy day in January we headed off to Kent. With the van loaded with an interior for one of Matt’s customers and an empty trailer we set off.

Not having towed a trailer before, Nick thought that now (in the snow) would be a good time for me to practise. I think in reality, he was just being lazy and wanted to put his feet up! Arriving fairly late in the afternoon, we emptied the van and headed for the pub!

They were plenty of examples of Rusty Kampers amazing restoration skills in the workshop but it was the yard that I couldn’t wait to explore. Most of the vehicles looked like they were beyond hope, but Matt was confident that they would all be back on the road one day (in the distant future perhaps!).

It was soon time to leave and take home our latest member (a T25 shell) home with us. Whilst putting it on the trailer, Matt suggested that it wouldn’t take much to get it back on the road, ssshh Matt, don’t give Nick any ideas!!

If you every find yourself in the area of Rusty Kampers, it is certainly worth calling in and checking out their work (