World Cup VW kombi fever

With the 2014 World Cup now in full swing in Brazil it’s great to see so many VW Kombis appearing in the television coverage.

They drive past in the background as fans are interviewed on the streets , they are parked on corners being used as food stalls, being used as minibuses to transport travelling fans and even being hired and bought by football fans to be used as, yes, campervans to travel between the various venues. Cheaper than hotels possibly and a lot more fun than a wet weekend away in the UK. I imagine Brazil has breathtaking landscape and a warm climate for camping.

The Kombi went out of production in Brazil last year. Some Brazilian lawmakers did try to pass an exemption to the rising safety standards that brought the bus’ demise, but it didn’t happen in the end. The kombi was still the 6th best-selling light commercial vehicle to be bought in Brazil and the little workhorse can carry a tonne in weight even though it didn’t weigh much more itself.

One of the greatest vehicles ever made, it’s good to know there are still some recent ones with very low milage out there in Brazil seeing daily usage. Here is a poignant tribute video to the iconic vehicle made by Volkswagendobrasil. Especailly love the part about the guy who drove his to 3 World Cups. Enjoy .