Sue & Michael’s Euro Adventure with their Split ‘Beanieblossom’

Beanieblossom the pink Split

Sue had a burning desire to own a pink Split Screen Camper and travel around Europe. Fortunately, Michael felt the same way and they held on to that dream even when they moved to Perth, Australia. Sue can trace her passion for old VWs back to her childhood, when her parents owned an early Bay they used for holidays in … Read More

Pete Marshall’s obsession with all things Air-Cooled

Pete Marshall is a musician and spends most of his time doing session work, recording and touring, but air-cooled VWs have always been a hobby. He says: “I started at 17 with a Beetle and as a kid I was obsessed with Herbie. My 70 year old neighbours had one that they’d bought new and used as their everyday car, … Read More

The Abandoned Camper

Few Volkswagen enthusiasts can resist the temptation to investigate when the words ‘abandoned camper’ are muttered. Told in his own words, this is the story of Paris based Mark Rawlins and his father and son mission to rescue a T2 camper from a farm in Spain. VW’s and VW campers have long been a passion for me. My first car … Read More

How we came to own a 1972 Ex-Ambulance

t2 ambulance

I never really wanted a campervan but my wife was very keen on the idea. I thought they were a bit grubby looking and as I’d never been in one, or even knew someone who owned one, I thought they were for other people, not me. A bit like caravans. Then my daughter and I were walking the dog when … Read More